How to use the Theme My ONTRAPORT SmartForm with Optimize Press 2.0

This article will teach you how to use the Theme My Ontraport Smartform Plugin with OP2. You will need to have already installed OP2 and have created a new page in the Live Editor.

Video Tutorial

Make Sure the Plugin is Activated

in the plugins section of your Wordpress Site make sure that it is activated


Getting Started

Add your license key. Get your free trial key here:

You can then purchase a license here once you are ready. :


Insert an Order Box Element

In the OP2 Live Editor, add an Order Box Element to a page that you have created.


Add a text block element within the Order Box

Search for the Text Block element and add it to to the inside area of the Order Box


Adding the SmartForm

1. Select the HTML tab
2. Paste the HTML of JS version of the Ontraport Smart Form

Then press INSERT then press UPDATE


Open the Advanced Element Options for the Order Box

Click on the Cog to access the Advanced Elements Options


Add the Theme shortcode

Add the theme that you want to use as a shortcode to the Advanced element options in the section 'Code before element'

  1. [custom_form_style theme="Amber"]
  2. [custom_form_style theme="Jade"]
  3. [custom_form_style theme="Ruby"]
  4. [custom_form_style theme="Saphire"]
  5. [custom_form_style theme="Onyx"]
  6. [custom_form_style theme="Opal"]
  7. [custom_form_style theme="Topaz"]
  8. [custom_form_style theme="Pyrite"]

Save and Close or Save and Continue

1. You should now see the code above the order box
2. Now save and preview the page



Your Smart Form should now look Awesomated!


Get the Theme Templates Here

[custom_form_style theme="Amber"] 

Get the OP2 Template for Amber HERE

[custom_form_style theme="Jade"]

Get the OP2 Template for Jade HERE

[custom_form_style theme="Ruby"] 

Get the OP2 Template for Ruby HERE

[custom_form_style theme="Saphire"] 

Get the OP2 Template for Saphire HERE

[custom_form_style theme="Onyx"] 

Get the OP2 Template for Onyx HERE

[custom_form_style theme="Quartz"] 

Get the OP2 Template for Quarts HERE

[custom_form_style theme="Pyrite"] 

Get the OP2 Template for Pyrite HERE

[custom_form_style theme="Opal"] 

Get the OP2 Template for Opal HERE



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