How to use the Capture URL Variables 'OAP UTM' Plugin for ONTRAPORT

UTM Variable Capture For Ontraport How To

This is a step by step guide on how to use the UTM OAP Plugin



1. Download the latest version form Wordpress


2. Upload the zip file to your Plugins Folder in wp-admin

Follow the standard procedure for installing a plugin in wordpress. Once it is installed select Activate.


3. Next open up the Settings for the OAP UTM plugin

Click on Settings in the side bar and then from the popup menu select OAP UTM Settings


4. Add your License Key

If you don't yet have a license key you can get a free trial key by signing up here which will allow you to use the plugin for 7 days.


5. Add your OAP Credentials

Select the versino of OAP you are using and then place in your OAP API credentials. IF you do not know where to find your API credentials then take a look at this article:


6. Select the forms you would like to use

When you click on the white bar all of your OAP forms will show up. You can select which ones you want to be using with this plugin.

*hint - Don't select all of your forms, this plugin is best used for opt-ins where you need to get tracking data and for forms you want to pre-fill, like when you have a two step form.


7. Select the Fields you want to have automatically matched


This is for selecting the UTM variables that you want pushed in to your Ontraport acount. These variables will automatically be matched to the correct fields in Ontraport


8. Select extra fields that you want to match

This section is great for when you have extra variables you would like to pass in to Ontraport. In the image above I have selected var1 along with fname, Email and Referral Page.


9. Save Changes and then the Selected Forms will Appear

Be patient as the Ontraport Forms API loads, it can take some time.


10. Match the extra variable to their corresponding form fields

The options in the dropdowns are the fields available in the corresponding OAP form.
fname = First Name > lname = Last Name Email = email

the var1, var2, var3 etc can be matched to which ever form field you would like.

Save the shanges


11. Now time to build your Tracking URL

Use the Google UTM Creator form to get your URL for the link you want to track.


12. In addition you can your other variables

If you would like to track other information you can use the other variables. For example add &var1=july which will pass the word july in to the field that is matched to var1.


13. Test!

Open a new browser and clear cookie data. Then open your newly created URL to the page where your form is located.

Hover over where the form is and then right click to bring of the menu that has the option to Inspect Element. Both Chrome and Firefox have this option


14. Select the Cookie Data in the Resources Tab


Validate that the Cookie for your website domain that has been created by the plugin has the value set to be defined as you put in your URL


15. Run a test form entry and check the result in Ontraport

The variables used in the URL should now appear in the new contact record in Ontraport within the LEAD INFORMATION section


16. Getting the Referring Page


The referring page will be automatically be added if you have set that in the Extra Fields Section of the plugin settings as shown above. To test this you can go to google and search for your website. If your website comes up in the search results, click on the page and open it. The plugin will automatically set the referral_page variable and you can see this in the cookie when you inspect the element as shown in the previous steps.


17. Pre-filling First Name and Email

Sometimes you want to send someone from your list to a page where their first name and email are already pre-filled in an Ontraport Form. This can be done by adding the ?fname=[First Name]&email=[Email] to the hyper-link URL in the Ontraport Message.

Make sure you match your form fields in the OAP-UTM Plugin so that these variables are picked up as shown in Step 10. above.




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